I studied at Chelsea School of Art & Design and Goldsmith's College, University of London (UK), where I received a BFA. I further became the recipient of a Masters in Sociology (MSc)from the Université du Québec à Montréal, in the course of which I took a particular interest in the sociology of culture and contemporary art. I am based in Montreal (QC) Canada.

My early work evolved around painting, video installation, performance and artist books. In recent years, my interests have led me to explore ideas involving spatial design and I 

developed proposals that address the humanisation of city- and streetscapes. I was awarded the Laurentian Bank prize in Montreal for a project focused on making a visual difference, away from the commonly expected street experience. I also write critical essays and articles on art and philosophy.



My current work concentrates mainly on painting and collage.

My attraction to painting lies in the fact that it takes shape through re-visiting uncertainties, in a perpetual and unattainable attempt to reach perfection. Painting does not offer the possibility of an ending achieved by the image, a sense of conclusion. Rather, it proposes an extended sense of temporality made possible by repetition. The prospective image is never fixed, since it cannot attain any existing truth or completion. Duration remains fluid and blurred, stories explored through multiple interpretations. Several experiences of time are present simultaneously: the recall of past events or memories and projections of an imaginary future, fantasies of time re-told, or negotiations yet to come.

Collage on the other hand is a play with found materials and shapes. Looking for collage material to use is like going onto a treasure hunt and so is often the process of putting the image together. Light in its process, it can come together in seconds or require some playing around before finding the perfect balance of the montage.

My paintings and collages are held in several private collections nationally and internationally


Recent shows

2018       "Vinylism", Tent Gallery, Edinburgh, Scotland


2017       Art of Papers Awards, Montreal, Quebec, December

           Art of Paper Awards Parrsboro, Nova Scotia, September

           "G.L.U.E.", Tent Gallery, Edinburgh, Scotland


2016       VOXEL gallery, http://voxelgallery.co.uk




  • "Cut-Ups, Q&A featured by the Edinburgh Collage Collective on Instagram.https://www.instagram.com/edinburghcollagecollective/

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  • Collages on view on the Kolaj Magazine website,

   http://kolajmagazine.com/artistdirectory/anouk-sugar and in #14, December 2015, p.68

Commissions / Published artwork




  • Comment créer une société durable, à l'ère de l'anthropocène? Deux collages mandatés par la Chaire de recherche du Canada en Évaluation et Amélioration du Système de Santé, Université de Sherbrooke, Montréal, mai 2017


  • «J'y vais!» & «Hésite pas!», deux collages mandatés par la Chaire de recherche du Canada en Évaluation et Amélioration du Système de Santé, Université de Sherbrooke, Montréal, Québec, Canada et distribués lors d'une campagne de sensibilisation sur le cancer, aux usagers du métro de Longueuil. Commissioned collages aimed to raise awareness about cancer and the important role of family and friends, distributed to passers-by at the Longueuil Metro, in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.




  • Collage créé en accompagnement de l'installation paysagère «Fleur de Sel», 2001, du collectif Urbanbees, au Jardin de Métis, Grand-Métis, Québec et publié à l'automne 2011, en illustration de l'article «Imperfect», auteur: Enriquez, J. Enrique, dans on site. art architecture, urbanism, landscape, Calgary: Association for non-profit architectural fieldwork, No 26, p.10, add above




  • Pages couvertures de «David Sterne» et de «Un Joualonais sa Joualonie», romans de Marie-Claire Blais, aux Éditions du Boréal, Montréal




  • Série de collages pour le magazine Synopsis, mandatée l'association de cinéastes indépendants Main Film, Montréal





  • "Approche collaborative art et science. Le collage comme mode de sensibilisation à la question de l'importance du diagnostic précoce de cancer et du rôle que peuvent jouer les proches". https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QGhwdyChL8o


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